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Aurora Gaming is a boutique company specialising in projects in esports, blockchain, and metaverse. Among our clients - major brands, sports organisations, government structures. With projects in over 20+ countries, we create unique projects catering to your needs offline and on-line

The virtual world is an important part of the life of people

Gaming is already a core element in entertainment and socialisation for younger generations. Over 50% of teens are keeping up with their friends inside the games

The word metaverse became trendy these days. However, for years, games have been using all the techniques which became popular with the rise of the metaverse concept. The World becomes more similar to the games, and the right approach towards usage of the knowledge and experience from the games can bring value to the businesses

Recruit esports and metaverse enthusiasts to build communities that will push your product forward. We are here to help you with it

Aurora Gaming: your proven guide in the field of esports,gaming and metaverse

Our services:
> Consulting
> Execution
> Amplification

Our USPs:
> Experienced team
> Industry knowledge and network
> Own IPs

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